How to Enable Pop Up Windows

1. Select "Pop Up Blocker" from the Tools drop down Menu

2. Select "Pop Up Blocker Settings"

3. Add "" to the allowed websites.

4. Re-Login to IAPZ

Please note that utilities such as "Google Toolbar", "Yahoo ToolBar" and some Security Software may also be blocking your Pop-Ups.

Disable the Pop-up blocker in Google Toolbar

1. Click Toolbar's wrench wrench icon.

2. On the Tools tab, select (or deselect) the 'Pop-up blocker' Pop-up blocker checkbox.

3. Click Save.

Yahoo Toolbar Disable Pop-Ups

1. Click the Pop-Up Blocker menu.

2. Select "Always Allow Pop-Ups From".

3. Select the site from the "Sources of Recently Blocked Pop-Ups" list.

4. Click "Allow".

Once PopUps are enable try logging in.